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668 gumm spring rd., Summersville Kentucky 42782
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668 gumm spring rd.
Summersville, Kentucky 42782
Listed on 10/13/2022
ONLINE ONLY! FARM EQUIPMENT/MACHINERY CONSIGNMENT. DROP-OFF FOR ITEMS IS MONDAY-FRIDAY (OCT.17-21), SALE RUNS MONDAY-FRIDAY (OCT. 24-29), ITEM PICKUP MONDAY, OCTOBER 31ST. CALL TODAY TO CONSIGN ITEMS! LINK TO BID WILL BE POSTED ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE AND WEBSITE ON MONDAY, OCTOBER 24TH AT 10:00 A.M. PLEASE READ ALL TERMS & CONDITIONS ON HIBID AND REGISTER TO BID & BUY. Some of the items already consigned include: 2 Ferguson tractors, 1 8N Ford, 2 carry-alls, 2 boom poles, finish mower, truck bed trailer, tray filler, running gears, front loader, land roller, seed sower, Cub Cadet zero turn, head catch, John Deere 4 bottom plow, steel flatbed trailer, tilt trailer, tobacco setter, grader blade, steel deck wagon, chisel plow, 20 ft. tubing trailer. CALL 270-932-3321 OR 270-405-6060 FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO CONSIGN ITEMS
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