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847 old hodgenville road, Greensburg Kentucky 42743
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847 old hodgenville road
Greensburg, Kentucky 42743
Listed on 08/08/2019
Auction October 5 2019 @ 9:00 CST located @ 847 Old Hodgenville Rd selling farm eq and personal property for more info call 270-932-1834 Linda Ferguson Principal Broker ,Doug Shive Principal Auctioneer Paul Wise Principal Auctioneer Selling super A tractor ,cultivators to fit super A ,tobacco sticks ,push mower with bagger ,chains and boomers , snatch block ,gas water pump, pipe wrenches ,case SC tractor with loader,mineral feeder,hand seed push sower , baler boxes ,old tobacco baskets ,cream cans ,water tank , salamander heater,bench grinder, old hand tools , diesel tank and hand pump , 1 lot of house bricks , long 360 tractor with tractor supply canopy, grader blade ,spray pumps, New Holland mowing machine , sub soiler , heavy duty comealong , old chicken crate ,tractor weights ,weadeater pole saw . pipe vise , spray nozzles , 1964 Int 1600 2 ton tuck with hoist 1/12 hp electric motor ,tire reliners , Garber tractor mounted seed sower , fuel hand pumps , tarpaulins , old hand dolly , 2 lots of used tin roofing , tractor post hole digger , flat bed wagon , 600 gal water tank , old team plows , old ski -double cola bottles , poulan chain saw , lots of misc. items Linda Ferguson Principal Broker Doug Shive principal Auctioneer , Paul Wise Principal Auctioneer
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